17th June 2008: Images added from a recent trip to Santorini, Greece.

18th February 2008: Images that used to be seen on this site but are no longer here plus some others can be found at my flickr account.

22nd October 2007: New look website launched though still a work in progress. Links to my newly created Blog, Nokia Side of Life, added.

21st September 2007: Links on the Galleries page changed to images. Small change to home page.

6th August 2007: New images from a recent trip to Provence.

28th January 2007: Last June we went trekking for a day with Llamas in North Yorkshire. It was a great day, thanks Wellington Lodge Llamas, and there are a now a few photos of ‘The Boys’ in the Animals gallery.

12th January 2007: More images added to the Paris gallery.

1st October 2006: More images added to the Venice gallery. New Paris gallery and new Animals gallery with images from Chester Zoo.