About Me
Shelley in Cuba

Hello there. This is me, Shelley, hard at play in Cuba.

As long as I can remember I’ve used one camera or another, but actually bought my own first camera when I was 13. It was a plastic Miranda compact 28mm fixed focus jobbie and I thought it was the best 16 I ever spent. It served me well for quite some time. At 18 my Dad bought me a Canon Sureshot and a year later when I went off to Uni he gave me his Olympus OM20. I had taken photos in fits and spurts in the past but it was the Olympus that got me going again some 10 years ago.

I currently use Pentax digital SLRs with a selection of Sigma lenses. My pride and joy however is the Hassleblad XPan II that I had bought for me to celebrate a milestone birthday a few years back. Finally for a bit of fun I have a Nokia N73 which I carry at all times, just in case the need should arise. A selection of images taken with the camera phone can be seen at my Blog site, Nokia Side of Life.

DominoThis site contains a collection of images from the past few years taken at various holiday destinations and around and about home in Yorkshire, where I live with my Partner (see www.6by6.co.uk for his site) and our Lurcher Domino, who absolutely hates cameras (he nearly ate the lens last time I tried to take a portrait of him!)

I hope you enjoy looking at the galleries and please do feel free to make any comments and suggestions by clicking here.